Our Process

Working Together

Investing can seem complicated. The public is bombarded with mixed messages and conflicting information. Our goal is to sift through the investment choices you have to develop a plan that works for you.

We identify your goals.

  • Are you accumulating funds for retirement?
  • Are you retired and seeking monthly income?
  • Are you divorcing and seeking guidance with the division of assets?
  • Are you a business owner needing guidance with a retirement plan?
  • Are you an executive needing guidance with corporate benefits?
  • Have you recently sold a business?

We talk about your comfort level with risk.

  • Are you a market watcher, or are you less concerned with such matters?
  • Are you an experienced investor or new to investing?
  • We review the risks of not only being too aggressive, but being too conservative
  • We explain and review the concept of standard deviation as a tool to help measure and track risk

We prepare an investment plan for your unique situation.

We prepare an investment plan based on our discussions and sort through the maze of investments narrowing them by strict criteria, including:

  • Track record
  • Stability of the organization
  • Expense ratios and fees
  • Performance relative to assumed risk and peer group

We implement your plan.

We establish your account with the following considerations:

  • We implement with a fee-based accounts rather than charging commissions to reduce conflicts of interest.  We often recommend low cost ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Is the registration consistent with avoiding probate if possible?
    Do you have a trust?
  • If an IRA is your beneficiary designation complete and does it provide the most flexibility and tax advantages to your heirs?
  • Would you like online access your account?

We monitor progress and keep you informed.

We recommend changes when an investment fails to meet its objectives or certain criteria.

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